The key objectives of the Maternity Programme are as follows: 

  • To improve pregnancy outcomes by encouraging proper antenatal care.
  • To reduce maternal and neonatal birth complications and achieve a healthy birth.
  • To educate and prepare members for the pregnancy, confinement and subsequent parenthood.
  • To advise members on the available maternity benefits.
  • To identify potential high-risk pregnancies and ensure that members are well informed and receive adequate care.
  • To reduce the costs of the pregnancy while ensuring quality of care is not compromised.
  • To reduce the costs associated with the post-natal period.
  • To work with obstetricians to ensure that evidence-based decisions are made regarding caesarean sections.
  • To work with obstetricians to facilitate good obstetric care for as many patients as is possible.


The programme includes member care plans, education, the promotion of wellness, tests, medicine and hospital benefits, and the rational and appropriate management of all costs incurred by the affected members.


The programme was developed in consultation with respected obstetricians and is managed with a strong emphasis on primary healthcare and focuses on the role of wellness and prevention in all member groups.