HIV YourLife Programme

This short video below is a presentation of the benefits offered to all enrolees on the HIV YourLife Programme. The Programme is available to all members on medical schemes managed by Metropolitan Health Risk Management.



The Programme is available to all members on medical schemes managed by Metropolitan Health Risk Management.

The Metropolitan Health Risk Management HIV YourLife Programme has over nine years' HIV/AIDS disease management experience. Since its inception, more than 55 000 enrolees have registered on the Programme. The following medical benefits are covered:

  • Antiretroviral medication.
  • Blood tests related to HIV/AIDS.
  • Doctors' consultations.
  • If you are pregnant, treatment to help prevent your baby from contracting the HI virus.
  • Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) medication to prevent HIV infection if you are exposed to blood or fluids from an infected person or by any other means.
  • Management of TB for those who need it.


The HIV YourLife Programme ensures that patients who are registered on the Programme are receiving appropriate management of their condition, and that they are supported through this process to ensure an optimal clinical outcome for the individual whilst managing the financial risk for the scheme. Focus is placed on adequate care, education and support of enrolled patients to empower them with the skills and knowledge to manage their condition through not only pharmaceutical intervention, but by following a healthy lifestyle and managing the psychological and social issues that are often associated with HIV.


Emphasis is also placed on supporting treating healthcare practitioners through the process of managing patients living with HIV. This is carried out by way of telephonic guidance and the distribution of our HIV Guidelines to service providers - the aim being to change prescribing behaviour to fall in line with accepted treatment guidelines.


Each patient's condition and stage of illness is assessed in order to compile a treatment plan (including medication, consultations and investigations) to suit the individual patient's requirements and to align with the scheme's benefits. Ongoing counselling, education and support are provided by experienced HIV Case Managers, tailored to suit the patient's needs. The objective is to maximise adherence to the treatment plan by the patient. Responses to treatment and patient progress are monitored through investigation to estimate immune status and viral load.


Differentiating features


Metropolitan Health Risk Management has the ability to offer a range of HIV management services to the scheme and its associated employer groups in order to assist with the integration of employer and scheme strategies in this regard, and to ensure that a consistent message is conveyed by these two entities. This includes:


  • HIV policy development
  • HIV mangement consulting services
  • Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Surveys (KAP)
  • Project management
  • HIV/AIDS initiative audit 
Metropolitan Health Risk Management assists employer groups in the implementation of Voluntary HIV Counselling and Testing (VCT) initiatives, with a seamless and supportive programme enrolment process for those individuals testing HIV positive at VCT sites. We provide the management of HIV VCT services and all individuals who test HIV positive during these processes are contacted by our HIV YourLife Programme to encourage early enrolment onto the treatment programme, dependant upon their medical scheme status. Employees are more likely to have an HIV test if they are aware of options available to them after they receive the test result, and this is clearly communicated at all stages of the preparation for VCT.