Introduction to Metropolitan Wellness

The success of corporate health and wellness drives depends, inter alia, on the integration of the various initiatives towards a common goal. The highly stressed business environment today demands an innovative response to ensure that employees remain healthy, happy and ultimately productive.  


It is for this reason that Metropolitan Health Risk Management has formed a division called Metropolitan Wellness.


Metropolitan Wellness is responsible for managing corporate wellness and integrating it with other health risk management initiatives, and is therefore well positioned to develop wellness solutions specifically tailored to address your organisational needs.  


We are also focused on the promotion of wellness and the management of healthcare treatment processes. These broad objectives are effected through very specific programmes, aimed at achieving positive, measurable health outcomes.


Our programmes include: 

  • Wellness Consulting Services
  • Voluntary Counselling and Testing
  • HIV Disease Management
  • Employee Wellness Programmes
  • Absenteeism and Incapacity Management

For more information about the Metropolitan Wellness product offering, please email us at [email protected].